Frontrange HEAT user Preferences

Where is the information for this User Preferences dialog stored?


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Expert System Research

This is the beginning of a project to create a simple expert system using Excel.

Rule Based Expert System PDF
Excel Test Engine

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Obama’s Benghazi Corrupt Media Family Tree: Check out this lineage of connections – Great Graphic!! |

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Check out @DPaswaters’s Tweet:

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Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi


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MS SQL Query XML with namespaces

In the past, I have not been a huge fan of Namespaces. If you don’t understand them, it is difficult to grasp the concept.

This link from Microsoft TechNet is a good start. I just needed a more real world example.

First, look at the Microsoft TechNet Article, then look at the more complex example I have below.

Also, take a look at the W3Schools page about xml namespaces. They do have a purpose.

So, here is an example. Complete with a small sample of XML and a SQL code.

This code as been tested Microsoft SQL Server 2005.


If there were no namespace, then the path would be much simpler.

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Tickld Mobile – 45 Ultimate Tips For Men. Number 40 Will Help You Go Far In Life.

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Crazy Field Names In the Database


I don’t know who named these fields, but it made me think of the Ack Cat when I worked with the following code.

Of particular interest is the variable named pod_pu_ack_diff.

Do you have any funny code that you have worked with? Any funny photos to go along with it?

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VBScript Rest API

This week, I created a REST API to get the books of the bible.

Now, I know that this isn’t following all the rules, but the concept is getting closer. Instead of returning HTML, it may make sense to simply return JSON or XML and parse programmatically.

To illustrate, check out this VBScript.

Then, the resulting output is HTML, which could be parsed too, but could be done better.

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REST Sample with Database

I was looking into creating a REST API, but what is a REST API? It is a Representational state transfer (REST). Whatever that means. To me, it is a way to interface with an application.

I’m going to demonstrate a simple application that uses a MySQL database to serve the names of the books of the bible and then show some basic information about those books.

I based this code on a tutorial created by Jason Everett.

Rest API – A simple PHP tutorial.

I was inspired to create a tutorial that showed how to connect the application to a database. What I am about to present is very similar to the application that Jason Created.

It has two functions named get_app_by_id() and get_app_list().

Here is the code for the Client

The code for the Server is where all the exciting database code is.  Of course you will need to change some of the values for your database, such as the username, password, and the name of the database.

Here is a link to the working demo:

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