Get Pics from URL

Create CSV file with URL and Filename

Make a directory named c:\work and create the VBScript file

Make a directory named pics to put the files into.


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Auto Tweeter

I downloaded the Auto Tweeter class from here:

I’m unable to get it to run, it gives this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function post() on a non-object in /home/polysync/public_html/activist/twitter/test/TwitterPoster.php on line 75

I'm on PHP Version 5.2.17

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Sample net capacity sql

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VBScript, Javascript for JSON from SQL Server


This is a simple Microsoft HTA that uses VBScript to query SQL Server data. The resulting recordset is then converted into JSON which then may be processed from within Javascript.


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MS SQL Write Functions to Text Files

Sample to write database User Defined Functions to text files using SQL Login

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Originally uploaded by jeffld.

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Outlook Search with Wildcard

This post was inspired by a stackoverflow – VBA Search in Outlook question.

Here is an example that let’s you do a wildcard search using the Items Restrict Method

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VBScript GetFormatted Date Function

This VBScript function returns the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD

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SQL to submit a job

This is a sample of the SQL code generated by SQL Enterprise Manager to submit a job.

I have the job schedule set 1 minute in the future. I do not know if that is enough time. I would like it to be less time, but this is where I’m starting out.

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Redpin – Indoor Positioning System

I spent about two hours this week trying to get the Redpin Android app working on my Nexus 5.


I did it using Android Studio instead of eclipse.

I had to download the project files a few times because one of the zip files I downloaded did not contain all the source code. So, I decided to read some of the forum messages on sourceforge and then discovered that both the RedpinAndroid and RedpinCore projects are needed. For some reason I missed that even though it is clearly documented on this page.

If you use Subversion, this process might be easier. I haven’t used subversion in a while and didn’t even have a SVN client on my new development machine. I only use Git now.

Anyway, I manually got a snapshot here.


I unzipped the snapshot zip file and did the import process from within Android Studio. The import wasn’t perfect, but it did most of the work for me.

I got this Import Summary report from the Android Studio Import.

This report is quite helpful. Do not be tempted to ignore it like I was the first time I saw it. Notice that the first section indicates files that are *not* copied into the gradle project.

The next thing I did was to manually create a lib folder under RedpinAndroid and copy the gson-1.3.jar into the lib folder. Then, after the file is copied into the lib folder, used the Add As Library feature to install the library. This is done by right clicking on the gson-1.3.jar file in the project window.


The RedpinAndroid app installed without any problem once I did a few housekeeping things like setting up the module settings for the app.

I built the app using API 19: Android 4.4 (KitKat).

The next challenge was to get the server running.

The process to get the server started is very easy. Download the redpin.jar file then launch the server from command line.

I chose to use port 5000. I don’t think it matters what port you use as long as you don’t have other services using the port. I later discovered that the default port is 8000 in the Android app. I went ahead and used 5000 just to see if it would work.

when I started the server, I just see a dos box sitting there like this. I guess this is normal behavior. I was expecting some logging messages or something, but it seems that there is a log file for that. Even though my log file did not get populated with anything.


If you have a firewall on your machine, you will either need to disable it or add an exception to allow traffic. I just disabled my firewall to do some tests.

When you are done with the server,you can stop is using Control-C

thats all I have for now, I’ll show how to configure the Android Client app next time.

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