Pluralsight Author – Deborah Kurata

This is a Pluralsight author to watch!

Deborah has a very easy to understand English American voice which is a huge plus. I have only taken one of her courses, but I look forward to seeing more.


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Get Pics from URL

Create CSV file with URL and Filename

Make a directory named c:\work and create the VBScript file

Make a directory named pics to put the files into.


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Auto Tweeter

I downloaded the Auto Tweeter class from here:

I’m unable to get it to run, it gives this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function post() on a non-object in /home/polysync/public_html/activist/twitter/test/TwitterPoster.php on line 75

I'm on PHP Version 5.2.17

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Sample net capacity sql

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VBScript, Javascript for JSON from SQL Server


This is a simple Microsoft HTA that uses VBScript to query SQL Server data. The resulting recordset is then converted into JSON which then may be processed from within Javascript.


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MS SQL Write Functions to Text Files

Sample to write database User Defined Functions to text files using SQL Login

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Originally uploaded by jeffld.

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Outlook Search with Wildcard

This post was inspired by a stackoverflow – VBA Search in Outlook question.

Here is an example that let’s you do a wildcard search using the Items Restrict Method

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VBScript GetFormatted Date Function

This VBScript function returns the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD

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SQL to submit a job

This is a sample of the SQL code generated by SQL Enterprise Manager to submit a job.

I have the job schedule set 1 minute in the future. I do not know if that is enough time. I would like it to be less time, but this is where I’m starting out.

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